Camera Repair Process

Begin by mailing me your camera, please include your email address, your mailing address and a note about what your concerns are about the unit or what I should be repairing. If you do not include a note or information with the unit I will hold it until I hear from you.

When you send the camera include your address in the box, I do not copy the address on the box, I've had problems in the past doing this.

Contents should be wrapped in bubble packing, paper or the like but not those "air bags". They do not work. Be sure the unit isn't resting against the sides of the box. Do not mummify the units with tape. It is very difficult to cut and unwrap. You don't need to send the lens unless you want me to check it too.

Ship to:

Eric Hendrickson
PO Box 70612
Knoxville, TN 37938

Finally and most importantly if you jot down information please do it so I can read it.

After I receive your equipment, I will look it over, enter it into the computer system with your name, address, and the type of equipment. I will then describe in detail what I have to do to bring it back to good working order. I will also list the parts necessary for the repair.

After doing all the paperwork I will either email you or send a hard copy of the estimate to you at the address you supplied with the camera.

Once the estimate is paid for I will put the unit in line for repiar.

I do not take credit cards, however, I do accept paypal at, Money Order or a check.

If the unit is not repairable or if you refused the estimate I will return it at no cost to you. My estimates are free.

I do not charge a lot for repairs. For example, a Pentax Spotmatic, my charge is 65.00 dollars. This does not include shipping and minor parts, like light seals, counter cap, leatherettes, springs, etc. The K1000’s and ME Super's are the same price.

I give one year warranty on 35mm SLR's, 6 months on lenses, LXs, and medium format bodies.

I will repair your camera and then ship it back by USPS.