About Me

I’ve been servicing Pentax equipment since 1969. I worked for a company called Honeywell Inc for ten years, started in their mailroom and worked my way into the Photographic Division repairing their flash units and camera's. After 10 years Honeywell closed their photographic department then Asahi Optical offered me a job in their repair department and this continued for six years before they turned into a company called Pentax Corporation. I worked for them as a technician and supervisor for eleven years.

As things happen, in 1992 Pentax closed their office in Chicago and decided to go out on my own. I started Premier Camera Service in 1992 and worked it until 2005. After twelve years working with a group of really good guys and very good technicians I now have a shop, tools and test equipment in Tennesse to help me to keep your camera equipment in tip top shape.

Basically, I just wanted you to know my experience and background so you will feel comfortable about sending your equipment to me. My turnaround time runs between two and three weeks.

I am accurate and I guarantee my work.