Camera Repair Process

Send your equipment to me, include your mailing address, your email address, a brief note on what you want done or a specific problem. If you do not send any information with the unit I will hold it until I hear from you. I do not hunt for previous emails, I just get too many.

When you ship the unit please do not use a lot of shipping tape or saran wrap, it makes unwrapping difficult and I don’t want to cut your photo equipment. Do not use air bags they do not work. Be sure the unit isn’t up against the sides of the box and have at least two inches of padding between the box and unit.

It’s not necessary to ship a lens with the unit unless you want me to check it out.

My mailing address:

Eric Hendrickson
PO Box 1145
Loudon, TN 37774

My last request is that if you hand write a note please be sure I can read it especially street names and email addresses.

After I receive your equipment, I will examine it, read your note, enter your information into the computer and will describe what I have to do to bring it back to good working order. I will also list the parts necessary for repair. Then I will either email an estimate or mail it to you.

Any units left over a year will be used for parts

You can approve the repair by paying by Paypal, Check or Money Order. I do not take credit cards. My Paypal Account is as is my email address. If the unit isn’t repairable or you do not want it repaired I will return it at no charge providing you’re within the United States and it is less than four pounds. All estimates are free.

The Warranty on 35mm units and lenses is one year and 67’s is six months.


  • Spotmatics = 78.00
  • 67,6x7 = 300.00
  • K1000, KX, KM = 78.00
  • MX = 88.00
  • ME, ME Super = 78.00

Every camera is treated the same. It will receive a full clean and lube, calibration of meter and speeds, light seals, mirror bumper, and repair of anything that isn’t working properly.

I will return your equipment by USPS. I frown on changing shipping address once the information is entered into the computer unless you really need it done. Thank you for understanding.

If you are sending in a 6x7 (67) please remove the straps, wooden handgrips, and especially the quick release plates. Thank you.